1920, Service Clubs Organizations become International

November 28, 2017 0 Comments

Rotary Clubs were, as first movers, ready in the 20‘s to spread the ‘wheel’ in Europe and other continents and also the Lions Organization became international on 12 March 1920, when the first club in Canada was established in Windsor, Ontario.

In the meanwhile Civitan’s founder, Shropshire envisioned an international organization of Civitan clubs dedicated to serving humanity. The process to incorporate was begun, and the International Association of Civitan Clubs was founded in 1920.

In the years immediately following World War I, the organization saw rapid growth. By June 1922 at the second international convention, when delegates from 115 clubs attended; there were more than 3,300 Civitans throughout the United States.

In contrast, Kiwanis limited its membership to the United States and Canada until 1962, when worldwide expansion was approved. Since then, Kiwanis has spread to all inhabited continents of the globe, but, of course, this organization is something like 40 years behind in its internationalization when compared to the others.

* This post is part of a speech entitled 'A brief History of American Service Club Organizations', Carmelo Cutuli held on May 2012 at Rotary London Centenary e-Club.

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